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Unlimited Talk & Text
$30.00 for 30 days of service (monthly)
Unlimited nationwide calling.
No nationwide long distance or roaming charges.
Includes Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands.



Call Waiting
Call Waiting allows you to receive and answer a second call while another call is in progress.

To Use Call Waiting:
1. Press SEND to answer the second call
2. To alternate between calls, continue to press SEND

You cannot dial 411 directly from your Airvoice handset, Airvoice recommends dialing a toll free 411 service such as 1-800-free-411.

Caller ID
Caller ID shows you the phone number of most incoming calls, allowing you to see who is calling and decide if you would like to answer or not. Caller ID works whenever your phone is on. It even works when Call Waiting alerts you of an incoming call.

Per Call Blocking
Per Call Blocking allows you to selectively block the presentation of your wireless phone number for outgoing calls.

To Use Per Call Blocking:
1. Enter *67 + the phone number you are calling and press SEND.
Your number will show up as "anonymous" on the receiver's Caller ID.

Voice Mail
Voicemail provides you with a virtual 'answering machine' that allows callers to leave you a voice message when you are unable to answer their call. You can then check your voice messages by dialing into the mailbox either directly through your cellular phone or even using another phone.

*Voice Mail will not work until you set up your mailbox.

To set up your mailbox:
1. Initial setup must be done directly through your cellular phone by pressing and holding the '1' key, or by dialing your cellular number. If pressing and holding '1' does not connect to the mailbox , contact customer service for assistance in programming your voicemail number.
2. You will be given a brief, on-air tutorial to setup your mailbox. First, you will be prompted to create a new passcode, which MUST be at least four digits long.
3. The system then prompts you to record a personal greeting or select a standard system greeting to alert callers that you are unavailable, and to leave a message.
4. After the greeting is setup, the voice mailbox is active and ready to retrieve your messages!

To Listen To Your Messages
1. Dial your wireless phone number from your wireless phone or any other touch-tone phone.
(Note: if calling from any phone other than your wireless phone, you will need to interrupt your voicemail greeting with a * and enter your password.)
2. The system will automatically play your new voice messages

Text Messaging (SMS)
Text Messaging allows you to send or receive short alphanumeric messages (up to 150 characters in length) using your wireless phone. This service also including International Text Messaging. Text messaging service also includes e-mail and web-based messaging. Your unique email address is your 10 digit wireless number For Example: If your wireless number is (555) 123- 4567, your e-mail address is

Paying Your Bill:
You can pay your bill a number of ways:

  1. You can come to the office.
  2. You can pay by credit card (phone or internet)
  3. You can mail the check in. Please mail five days in advance.
          Make check payable to:  Yates Enterprises
Account Status
You can keep track of your account status at any time! Dial *777# and SEND from your wireless handset to receive an instant account notification, informing you of your expiration date. To help keep you updated, you will receive an automated recording 3 days before your expiration date reminding you to refill your account. This message will be played on your first outgoing call of the day for the last 3 days of service.

Account Cancellation
Airvoice recommends you add a refill card before your account expires to avoid service interruption. If you cannot make your payment before the expiration date, your account will cancel 30 days after it expires. If your account cancels due to nonpayment, you may lose your wireless number and may need to purchase a new SIM. Please contact customer service at (888) 944-2355 to inquire about reinstating your account.